Cosmopolitan Hotel

Experience design that cuts through the Vegas noise


Cosmopolitan Hotel

Role - Associate Creative Director

Category - Experience Design

The Cosmopolitan is one of Las Vegas's top luxury hotels. And when it comes to competitive real estate, the Vegas strip is one of the toughest places on earth to stand out. So we created an exterior experience that cuts through the Las Vegas noise through a mash up of art, architecture and innovative digital technology.


The Interior

Digital Kitchen’s relationship with Cosmopolitan Hotel began with its award winning lobby experience. The idea was to use immersive art and technology to transform the guests experience the minute they enter the hotel. For this assignment they challenged us to make the exterior as engaging as the interior.


The Beacon

We brought the roof of the hotel to life with seductive eyes looking down upon the city. This beacon set the tone for the brand and helped set Cosmopolitan apart from any other hotel on the strip.


The Voice

Signage is nothing new for Vegas, so we needed to create a more engaging experience for visitors to breakthrough the noise. The second story of the building acts as the voice of the hotel. Using a mixture of interactive games and off beat humor to speak directly with guests as they pass by. We developed a brand guide and back end management system so the hotel could easily update and mix engaging content with more straightforward events and advertising.


The Portal

In the spirit of the Cosmopolitan Hotel an entrance isn’t just a door, it’s a portal. We installed large screen displays over the entryways of the hotel, and populated it with vibrant 3D visualizations. It was vital that even the most mundane areas of the hotel help set the stage for the Cosmopolitan experience.


Team: Anthony Vitagliano, Mark Wheeler, Brandon Hillard, Cody Tilson