An experience that helps a foundation tell its story


Joe Albertson Foundation

Role - Associate Creative Director

Category - Interactive & Experience Design

Joe Albertson is most famous for his chain of grocery stores but a large part of his life was spent building his foundation. It was Joe and his wife Kathryn’s goal to provide children all over Idaho with educational opportunities to succeed after graduation. To celebrate their story, Digital Kitchen partnered with the foundation to build an interactive experience that showcases their rich history and highlights the innovative ways they are reinventing education.


The Giving Stream

Over the past fifty years, the Joe and Kathryn Albertson Foundation has given Idaho children and families over $650 million towards educational experiences. While their work has been successful, the foundation wanted to create an experience that can excite even more potential partners and investors to get involved with Idaho education.


The Future of Idaho

The interactive side of the installation focus’s on present and future initiatives of the foundation. This is all displayed on a fifteen foot wide interactive screen and is controlled by an iPad and fitted with both headphones and speakers, the display can be used by many or few depending on the need.


The History

The non-interactive side of the Giving Stream utilizes archived photographs and visuals to share with visitors the story of how Joe and Kathryn met, fell in love, pioneered the concept of a supermarket and opened their foundation.


Team: Josh Klelamp, Chelsea Page, Demetre Arges