A new brand and website to help foster a community for developers


Microsoft Reactor

Role - Creative Director

Category - Branding | Web

The Microsoft Reactor is one of the worlds leading developer communities. With locations in multiple cities, these Reactor spaces offer developers a place to network, troubleshoot and collaborate. Microsoft approached Digital Kitchen to help them create a brand that represents the spirit of the Reactor community, as well as a website and back end system to make joining the community easier than ever.

11483_MICR_ReactorWebsite_InternalPresentation_20170707_v6_EM-04 2.png


We aimed to create a brand that celebrates developers and their creative process. The Visual ID was inspired by the
 beauty and complexity of code. The photography is focused on showcasing the Reactor spaces and the community in action.



We relaunched the Reactor site with a new look and some exciting new features. As a little wink to our developer audience, we added a ‘code injector’ on the top left of the site. If you know how to code you can personalize the site colors and fonts however you want. We also created an interactive map, here you can easily find upcoming events in your area and take 360 virtual tours of Reactor spaces. There is also now a calendar feature making it super simple to find events on specific topics and sign up.


Back End

We built a user friendly back end system so Microsoft employees can easily add and host events. This is a worldwide community so we needed to create a system that can track a multitude of events, while giving Microsoft hosts the greatest amount of control.


Team: Lance Hornback, Erik Milano