Revamping Teavana’s in-store experience



Role - Associate Creative Director & Director

Category - Experience Design

Starbucks is known for their successful coffee brand but their tea line does not have as much recognition. In order to reignite the Teavana brand, Starbucks sought to elevate the customer experience, starting at their brick and mortar locations. I helped create an in-store installation to set the tone for Teavana’s colorful new identity and breakthrough the noise in shopping malls. 


The Mosaic

We know that it takes about three seconds for a customer to decide to come into a store or not. So the new Teavana in-store experience needed to pull customers in by making shopping for tea more engaging. To help that cause we designed a playful mosaic of different-sized displays, developing a colorful landscape that explores Tevana’s new brand through it’s flavors and ingredients.


Team: Demetre Arges, Dan Karches, Chelsea Page