Echo Look

Launching Amazon’s most stylish Echo


Echo Look 

Role - Creative Director

Category - Video | Social

Echo Look is a hands-free camera and style assistant, that uses Alexa to help you look your best. Amazon needed a launch video and social content to help introduce Echo Look to the world. So we brought Echo Look to the fashion capital New York City, and put it into the hands of stylish influencers for an exclusive week-long trial. On the last few days we documented our influencers as they spoke candidly about their personal style and how Echo Look fits into their daily lives.



We created a teaser video to generate excitement and anticipation before the product was available. Driving viewers to sign up for an exclusive invitation to become one of the first Echo Look owners.



To launch the release of Echo Look, we created an explainer video. Taking a deeper dive into all of it’s cutting edge features and use cases. In the first week, the launch video had been viewed half a million times, helping to drive hundreds of press articles on sites from Mashable to TechCrunch.



I directed a series of tutorial videos to help customers understand how Echo Look works and all of its key features.



We built a social campaign to help spread the word about Amazon’s newest Echo. We used paid media to target customers who love fashion. We then hit them with three phases of social content, inspirational ‘day in the life’ videos, educational unboxing videos and finally a push for purchase with targeted banner ads.



Team: Josh Hayward (Director), Colin Gaul (Client Creative Director), Camille Durand (Editor)