Ping Pong FM

A interactive musical experience


Ping Pong FM

Role - Associate Creative Director

Category - Experience Design

Digital Kitchen is a place where innovation is always encouraged. And so is ping pong. We decided to take our competition to the next level by hacking a ping pong table and transforming it into a interactive musical experience. The rules are simple choose a song and keep it playing at the correct tempo by keeping the ball in play. Rally too slowly, or drop the ball, and the music will wind down to a stop.



To announce Ping Pong FM to the world we created a launch video and website.



Ping Pong FM uses a variety of tech to detect when the players hit the ball and adjust the music’s speed based on how well they’re playing. We placed contact microphones within each of the paddles to listen and detect reverb when the ball hits. An Arduino micro-controller sends a signal to a computer running a game app. This app, built in openFrameworks, keeps track of the pace of play and adjusts the speed of the song appropriately.



We generated a lot of organic buzz and were featured on Fast Company, Popular Mechanics, Devour, The Verge, The Next Web, Engadget, The Creators Project, Hypebeast, Fubiz and Designboom.


Team:  Mark Wheeler, Alaa Mendili, Camille Durand, Brandon Hilliard and Les Hilliard.