REI Co-op

Redefining how REI talks about stewardship


REI Co-op

Role - Associate Creative Director

Category - Digital Platform

Last year the REI Co-op invested 70% of its profits into the outdoors to help build trails, clean up beaches and restore local habitats. REI was looking for a agency to help develop a better strategy for bringing their stewardship story to consumers. As our team dug in we discovered that in order for stewardship to be successful we would have to rethink how their website communicates all aspects of the REI story.


Live Well

The REI brand story was getting lost on a website full of disconnected channels and pages. So we created a centralized platform that organically integrates REIs stewardship efforts with the shopping and lifestyle experience that customers expect. Introducing Live Well, a vertical within that allows customers to easily find outdoor inspiration, learn new skills and learn how REI and it’s co-op members are making an impact to build a better future.

Live Well_Website10.jpg


We wanted to humanize stewardship by telling extraordinary stories of everyday people in the outdoors. These stories focused on building a better future for our planet and helped inspire people to join the REI community.

Live-Well-Article v01.jpg


We told stories that help give the community the knowledge they need to embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Empowering customers to find their next adventure, equipped with REI’s most trusted gear.

Live-Well-Product-Article v01.jpg


We brought all these exciting stewardship stats to the forefront, creating one simple dashboard so the REI community can keep track of all the progress.

Live Well Dashboard v04.jpg

Team: Matt Mulder, Mark Wheeler, Angela Whitman